Introduction to Puzzle People


15-20-minute online module

A brief overview of all four styles. It includes a self-assessment tool to discover your own unique communication preferences.

The Introduction to Puzzle People module is a great start to get people in your organisation to discover their own preferred communication style and about the different styles of colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders

What you will learn:

  • Understand the four communication styles
  • Discover your unique make-up, this is your personal puzzle
  • How you can start to recognise other styles and what they like.
  • How to begin to adapt your communication style to benefit situations or relationships

Access to your online course is active for 30 days.

Other Programmes

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Learn how the four communication styles think, behave, or speak differently and discover how to adapt your approach to drive sales, connect teams, improve communication, and enhance performance.

Puzzle People – Workshops

This programme will give your people greater understanding of what effective communication looks like from the perspective of different communication preferences and personality types.