Puzzle People Programme


A series of five 20-30 minute modules easy to access online, anytime.

Learn how the four communication styles think, behave, or speak differently and discover how to adapt your approach to drive sales, connect teams, improve communication, and enhance performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Improve communication with colleagues, customers, and all other stakeholders.
  • Build better relationships to influence productivity and growth with internal and external customers i.e., management, sales, service, projects, and operations. 
  • Connect teams to build collaboration, drive performance and develop positive, productive work cultures.
  • Reduce miscommunication or conflict at work.

The first module ‘Introduction to Puzzle People’ provides a brief overview of all four styles. It includes a self-assessment tool to discover your own unique communication profile. 

The next four modules take a more in depth look at each style and teaches you how to communicate more effectively to improve outcomes for all stakeholders, they include:

  • The Decider – the direct, results focused, driven communicator.
  • The Investigator – the thoughtful, analytical, curious communicator
  • The Supporter – the diplomatic, friendly, caring communicator
  • The Influencer – the creative, social, enthusiastic communicator

Each module takes approximately 20-30 minutes a total of 2.5 hours of learning. The programme is completed at the learner’s pace, making it easy to space the modules into chunks. 

Access to your online course is active for 30 days.

Other Programmes

Puzzle People – Workshops

This programme will give your people greater understanding of what effective communication looks like from the perspective of different communication preferences and personality types.

Introduction to Puzzle People

The Puzzle People programme benefits everyone to help gain insight into self, colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders to build better relationships and achieve more.