Most frequent questions and answers

This is a communication tool for life! There is not a day that goes by or person I meet that I am not applying this model in my interactions to benefit the relationship or situation.

Here are some of the many benefits Puzzle People can deliver:

  • Improve communication
  • Connect teams 
  • Build better relationships 
  • Deliver greater outcomes 
  • Drive sales, grow results
  • Maximise performance 
  • Reduce conflict
  • Provides fun for teams and at work

We offer in-house workshops anywhere in New Zealand for teams or larger groups. We recommend 12 people or more in our workshops and can present at conferences or events.

We also offer virtual classroom for small groups or teams of 10 people on enquiry.

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Between 12 and 20 work well for face-to-face workshops and we present to larger groups at company conferences, events, fundraisers etc.

Virtual classes via zoom are limited to 10 per session.

  • Access to the Puzzle People Programme is 1 month
  • Access to the Introduction to Puzzle people is 1 month